東京都物業管理機構為日本ハウズイング(NIHON HOUSING)株式會社自1994年在台灣創立,為國際化發展的重要樞紐。
NIHON HOUSING創立於1958年,企業總部設在東京;至今在臺灣、越南、新加坡等地區設立海外公司,為國際化經營的日商企業。

Nihon Housing在1994年以在台灣成立子公司為契機,從亞洲的中心積極地向全世界拓展。希望將從日本國內培育的管理提升到世界級的水平,並且將事業內容更加擴大,累積更多的專業知能。以國內外的經驗為本,實踐更優質的管理、更新穎的服務。

  • 日本ハウズイング(NIHON HOUSING)株式會社
  • 台灣東京都物業管理機構
  • 越南Pan Pacific Services CompanyLimited
  • 新加坡Propell Integrated Pte Ltd



日本ハウズイング(NIHON HOUSING)株式會社業務跨足房地產開發建設、工程管理、產業招商運營、房地產綜合服務等一系列管理領域。2002年,在日本東京證券交易所整體上市(股票代碼:東證4781),2016年產值7.33億美元,已發展成為日本最大的房地產綜合運營服務公司。 日本ハウズイング株式會社以先進的經營理念和管理模式以及高品質的服務,始終保持著行業領先地位,同時,海外市場份額也在飛速增長。

越南-Pan Pacific Services Company Limited


Pan Services is proud to be the leader in industrial cleaning and facility services to customers operating in many different business fields,concentrating in major cities in Vietnam with nearly 5,000 trained and professional employees.

新加坡-Propell Integrated Pte Ltd


Propell Integrated Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore back in 1999 with the company spearheaded by our Managing Director and founder, Mr Leng Yew Meng.
In line with Propell’s business plan to position ourselves as a Mechanical and Electrical Integrated Specialist, we segregate our expertise into one, in providing M & E Engineering Services and the other, in managing Facilities Maintenance for our clients. In Project Management, we diversify our segment into residential, institutional, industrial, commercial, upgrading and other infrastructure development projects to be versatile while Facilities Management focuses on providing building and M&E maintenance service to building and estate in various sectors. The two execution arms in our company aim to support and collaborate with each other as part of our business strategy to offer a one stop solution to our clients.
Our M & E Engineering Services have continue to take up the relative industry market leader’s role and we are capable in supply, install and management of Electrical Engineering, Extra Low-Voltage System, ACMV System, Fire Prevention and Protection System, Energy Efficiency System and Integrated Building and M&E Facilities Management and Maintenance. Besides supplying and execution of the works, our company also conducts inspection, testing, design and consultation for projects, and implementation of facilities maintenance services to meet the demands and challenges ahead.


為日本NIHON HOUSING株式會社自1994年在台灣創立,為國際化發展的重要樞紐。