Tokyo Property Management started “Category 2-life and business supporting service” from 2005 to provide the commissioned service, professional consulting, life service (condominium net, caring, babysitter, home delivery), life supplies(food, clothes, housing, transportation, education, entertainment, health and beauty), general affairs management and business support.



Management fee payment web page

To make the payment process more convenient, we provide residences to settle the management fee on-line. Without downloading an APP, scan the QR code on the management fee bill to enter the web page and easily finish the  payment process. There are 3 ways for the residences to choose: credit card, convenient store or ATM.

To establish a vitality community

Life service team has been set up in Tokyo Property Management since 2007 to hold all the classes: child Taekwondo, swimming, Aerobic Dance, channel yoga, street dance, magic…etc. And also the events such as parent-child interaction and painting. These are not only to activate the public area facilities usage and also enrich our residences’ leisure time.


To activate the public area facilities usage and management

We are able to set up the public area facilities management model according to the community’s requirement and provide the contract teacher list and performance group for the public area facilities usage activating and residences’ leisure life enrichment. Which is helpful for the official recognized excellent condominium buildings selection.

i-Search catalog

We regularly publish and deliver i-Search catalog which includes fresh food, daily commodities and event limited items. We also offer the fee-based service for community repairing and at-home A/C cleaning. Our residences could contact with the community manager for the convenient and efficient service and excellent quality goods.